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2014 YEAR


2013 YEAR

Lucio Giuliodori
June 2013
The barbecu party was great! 

I had big fun! 
There were so many nice and happy people to party with in a very friendly and fun way! 
I can not wait for the next one!!!

Yuri Teacher Shliahtenkov, Russia
July 2013
I have already been working for DS for over 5 years and of course I have had a lot of friends and acquaintances here. So the idea to gather together my colleagues sounded quite natural. What is more, it's became a good tradition since we do it every year and more and more people are joining our shashlyk- barbecue party.I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this time about 50 teachers crowded together so I was afraid to come short of meat and wine. My concerns proved true when I had to pick some food up in the nearest supermarket net to "Partisanskaya" metro station.These little things did not spoil at all the main event. All of us were really glad and happy to see each other in an informal setting and I am sure the parties like that make us closer and friendlier

August 2013
What a great day! 
I was intoxicated by the surroundings by the company by the communication but mostly by the beer!
Now I'm looking forward to the next get together!It beats teaching!

Graham Copenhagen
June 2013
At Denis' School we had a company picnic in a beautiful park in Moscow with a pond and a big forest. It's a very lovely spot if you remember to bring bug spray. We had a nice barbecue with lots of  good food. It was a great opportunity for all the employees to meet new people and keep in contact. We played games and discussed work, life in Moscow, and travel. Denis' School's staff are from many different countries throughout the world and so it's really fun to get together with such an international cast of characters and talk about our various native countries and perspectives on Moscow life. Apart from the shashlik, the highlight for me was getting to meet people who I see in the office but rarely have time to talk to.

Matt Kellner
June 2013
If you missed this year’s picnic, you missed a good time.  I really enjoyed the afternoon talking with other teachers and getting to know them and eating some really good shashlik (thanks to Yuri).  The weather was really good too, no rain and plenty of sunshine.  I’m looking forward to the next picnic!

Desmond Groark
June 2013
I thought the picnic was a great way to meet new people and make new friends. For me personally it was great because it has helped me to build a network of friends as I don't know anyone in Moscow.

Graeme Lockhart
June 2013
The school BBQ was a great way to meet my new colleagues and make new friends. It helped me and the other new teachers to feel like part of the Denis’ team.

Ninel Kravchenko
June 2013
I like the way we spend time together. We always have some jokes to share, some games to play, some stories to tell.

Last weekend proved it once again. This time we gathered near a beautiful lake called "Deer Lake" in one of the most vivid parks of Moscow - Izmaylovsky Park.
The place itself as well as the weather, the participants' mood and appearance contributed to the pleasure that everyone got.
The highlight of the event was cooking meat in the open fire. Chef Yury Shlyakhtenkov demonstrated unsurpassed cooking abilities and the raw meet that we had had at the beginning turned into a delicious dish.
Besides enjoying gastronomical masterpieces, everyone found a favourite amusement - playing volleyball, badminton, sunbathing, watching the nature, and of course communicating with the colleagues.
I hope this wonderful tradition will stand the test of time and we will have many opportunities in the future to enjoy each other's company.