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Matthew J.C.
Denis’ School Teacher Testimonial
South Arfica, December 2016

"From my experience thus far, I can honestly say that DS has really impressed me. It is a highly organised institution which maintains a deep respect for all staff members - a respect which, when met with absolute reciprocity, does nothing less than pave the way for outstanding efficiency.
Therefore, I highly recommend DS to any prospective teachers.

Harry B.
Denis’ School Teacher Testimonial
England, June 2014

Hi, my name's Harry. I've been teaching for over 8 years and found Denis School to be a dream to work for. While being friendly, supportive and reliable, they allow you get on with your job with minimum fuss and interference.

I worked with a wide range of fascinating clients such as Nestle, Raiffeisen Leasing and Rosbank. I would recommend Denis School to anyone looking for a safe and secure job in a vibrant and exciting city such as Moscow, where you will learn just as much, if not more, than your students! I would happily work for them again in the future.

Joel W.
Denis’ School Teacher Testimonial
USA, May 2014

“Denis’ School has given me an opportunity to make a real and lasting impression on the lives of Russians throughout Moscow. While I am one of its newer teachers and still ‘learning the ropes,’ so to speak, I have very quickly learned to love the city and absolutely adore the Russian people.
I have my bachelors degree from Georgia State University in political science and international affairs and from there went on to spend 5 years with the U.S. Department of State as a citizenship adjudicator. After separating with the U.S. Department of State last year, I wanted to take an opportunity to get out of the U.S. for a while and experience another culture while getting a graduate degree online from Arizona State University. Denis’ School offered me the opportunity to earn an income while advancing my own education and getting to explore this incredible city.
Prospective teachers should know that it is common amongst American, Canadian, British, etc., expatriates to say, “I don’t speak Russian, but I am learning.” Nothing could be more true. Russians are rightfully very proud of their language and cultural heritage. They will be delighted that, as a native English speaker, not only are you taking an interest in their culture but taking an interest in their language. Many Russians are thrilled at the idea of being able to sit down with a native English speaker at one of the many cafes and tea houses around Moscow in order to help you learn the language — and don’t be too shy to take up any such offer.
Moscow has many incredible amenities that, day-to-day, keep me on the edge of my seat. From Soviet-era museums and art exhibits, to incredible restaurants, to a thriving and exciting nightlife, there is a whole lot going on. (I even found a New Orleans-themed pub the other day and when I entered was astonished to see a room full of Russians sharing laughs and singing along to “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” by Toby Keith. I come from a long line of New Orleans and Louisiana natives, so that just made my week!)
Russians have a remarkable ability to set aside people and politics, and I have never been without one willing to assist me, be I looking for an address or trying to find the best laundry detergent at the supermarket. In addition to websites like, rife with natives and expatriates alike willing to give assistance, Denis’ School has a strong network of teachers who are always willing to advise you to make your transfer and stay all the more comfortable. Don’t miss this opportunity!”

Irving B.
Denis' School Teacher Testimonial
Montreal, Canada, October 2013

Among other things, I had been teaching for a few years in Germany and felt it was time for a change. After pondering the idea of moving to Moscow I came across Denis’ School on the internet. I researched the subject of teaching English in Moscow by looking at comments of various employers and read nothing but positive feedback about Denis’ School. Within a short period of my on location interview, I was convinced that Denis’ School is an employer that takes care of its people. Since then, I have not changed my initial opinion and I regret nothing.

Moscow is a city this isn’t for everyone but since you are reading this, I think you will love it. Of course there is enough info on this subject and you’d be better off reading other sources by real experts.

You need to know more about the teaching experience with Denis’s School. First of all, I have nothing but praise for the staff. They are extremely supportive and will bend over backwards to help. Secondly, it’s great to exchange experiences and ideas with other colleagues. They are also very supportive – especially for newcomers! Last but not least, our clients. It’s no exaggeration to say that it is a joy to work with so many fine people. Because of all these things, I belong to a rare species; a small minority who can truly say, “I love my job!” So if you are the type of person looking for something challenging and very rewarding (I know it sounds generic but it really is a great description of this undertaking), start looking for flights.
In years to come you may very well regret that you didn’t give Denis’ School in Moscow a shot!

Denis D.
Denis' School Teacher Testimonial
USA / Russia, October 2013

I have been working for Denis’ School in Moscow for just over a year and am extremely pleased with the company culture and overall quality of work environment. Denis’ School has an excellent and supportive administrative staff that cares not only about the clients, but also all of the teachers that work here. The entire staff at Denis’ School is very open, energetic and fun to be around. Denis’ School’s teaching staff is very diverse and comes from all corners of the world. Everyone is friendly and communicative, making overall work atmosphere extremely enjoyable and pleasant to be in. There are no pressures or major headaches when working as a teacher for Denis’ School. In a way I can compare this job to running your own business without the problems that usually come with it. I can pick and choose my own projects and work a flexible schedule that is convenient for me. Moreover, the ability to control my own schedule allows me to enjoy life and have greater fulfillment than I would have had with a traditional type of job.

 Denis’ School hosts regular corporate events that take place several times throughout the year. All of the different corporate functions are interesting and fun to attend. The corporate events always present a unique experience to interact with a plethora of different teachers and administrative staff all in one place.

 Working for Denis’ School in Moscow has been a one of a kind, wonderful and invaluable experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Graham C.
Denis' School Teacher Testimonial
10 June 2013

Hi my name is Graham and I've been a teacher at Denis' School for one year. My time here has been interesting and stimulating. The work environment here is very friendly and relaxed and the staff enjoy socializing together outside of work. Denis' School works with some of the biggest and most important corporations in Russia, so we really work with Russia's best and brightest. We teach lots of very smart and interesting people who are highly motivated to learn foreign languages for their work. Living in Moscow, you get to enjoy all the excitement of being in one of the world's biggest cities. There are so many things to do and see, from visiting historical buildings and museums, to strolling through beautiful parks, to checking out the night life in the city center.

One thing I can promise you, is you won't get easily bored here. Learning about Russian culture is another huge benefit of living here, and if you're interested in learning the beautiful but challenging language, you will easily find lots of people who are willing to help you with this. In summary, I would definitely recommend Moscow as a place to live and Denis' School as a place to teach.

Martin D.
Denis' School Teacher Testimonial
July 2013 
Being able to teach English at Denis' School has meant the fulfillment of a long held dream of mine, furthermore, being able to teach in a fabulous city like Moscow has helped to achieve my ultimate dream.I greatly enjoy what I do. I try to build a good relationship with my students and them to improve their English, and, achieve their goals. Unsurprisingly, this vocation has given me a great opportunity to many people with various and intriguing backgrounds, all of whom are kind and friendly not like any other profession, there some drawbacks, which pale into comparison with the many advantages teaching English can offer. For instance, I get to see nearly all Moscow, which I enjoy, as I am always on the move. I can discover beautiful and never-sleeping Moscow, which always has something new to share with me. In addition to this, I have quite a flexible schedule, which allows me time for my personal life. Regarding my students, it is worthwhile nothing that they are all adults and so they are motivated, and willing to learn.To summarize, do not have hesitate for one moment, just set yourself off to the homeland of many prominent writers, and I guarantee, that you will have absolutely no regrets. 

Martin E.
Denis’ School Teacher Testimonial
14 April 2013

I had been thinking about coming to Moscow for some time, as I'm really interested in the people and culture, and especially the Russian language. After having done quite a bit of research, I came across Denis' School. After my preliminary correspondence with the hiring manager, I already had had the feeling that this was going to be a great organization to work with. Now I've been on the job as a native English teacher for some time, and I couldn't be happier! Upon arrival I was met at the airport by a Denis' School representative who not only accompanied me to my new flat and explained the metro system, but also helped me exchange money and get my mobile phone set up. 

My flat is amazing, and it certainly exceeded my expectations. I'm on the top floor of a quiet, twelve-story residential building with a balcony overlooking a park. I love to look at the Moscow skyline at night from my living room window- it is very beautiful. 

Now, although the accommodations are great, what really makes me happy are the people I see and work with everyday. All of the teachers and staff at Denis' School are very friendly, kind, and helpful, which makes doing my job all the merrier. In the teachers' lounge there are loads of textbooks, office supplies and other resources, including computers and wifi internet access. Anytime I have a question, there is always someone to help me.

Above all, my students are growing dear to me, as each of them is genuinely interested and motivated to gain fluency in the English language. All of my students are high-level employees at different global corporations located here in Moscow, which comes with its perks as well! The only downside is the amount of time I spend on the metro commuting from one class location to the next. I have anywhere from two to five classes per day, each in different locations all around the city. Moscow is enormous, so it can take as much as an hour by metro to get from one class to the next. The upside is that Denis’ School provides me with an unlimited monthly metro pass, so at least my transportation costs are covered. The time I spend on the metro is considerable, but I am learning the ins and outs of the city like the back of my hand!

Overall, if you're thinking about coming to Moscow to work as an English teacher, Denis' School offers a very amiable and professional work environment—not to mention the excellent networking opportunities that you may not come across elsewhere! 

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