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Russian as a foreign language
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Individual lessons of Russian Language

Quality proved by the time
For more than 20 years we have been chosen by more than 800 companies and 155000 students
Highly professional teachers
More than 700 best teachers from the country
Individual approach
Studying Russian individually is a good opportunity to make progress in a short term. Lessons are provided in the most comfortable and convenient conditions and by reasonable price.
Advantages of an individual course
Start speaking from the first lesson
Individual schedule
Choose the time and place. You can study from home, work or any other place.
Personal studying plan
Based on your needs, goals, time available and current level
Exciting lessons
2/3 of a lesson is speaking practice in dialogues and modern cases
Progress guaranteed
94% of students get the necessary result faster that they expected
Individual lessons suit you if:
You want to overcome linguistic barrier
You plan to achieve good results within short time
You want to communicate in Russian fluently
You need a specially developed programme to meet your expectations


1 semester
42 ac.hours
21 lessons


1 topic
6 ac.hours
3 lessons