Dobrochasov Dan

Работает в Denis’ School 8 лет

I choose to work as an English teacher because it offers many benefits not found in other careers. Teaching English is both a satisfying and enjoyable career choice that anyone can really excel in.

The main reason for choosing this path is because I love communicating and interacting with a plethora of different people, passing my knowledge onto them, and seeing them grow intellectually right in front of me. Teaching English in Moscow allows me to have a flexible schedule while also making a great living that would otherwise be impossible to make had I chosen another career path. Furthermore, I love the fact that I communicate with highly intelligent and professional people on a daily basis. This job is really a wonderful and one of a kind experience.

I have been working at Denis’ School for the past couple of years and it has truly been an enriching experience right from the very start. Denis’ School enjoys a very professional image among all the language schools in Moscow. This very fact is vitally important since it allows Denis’ School to secure more lucrative teaching contracts with a wide variety of Russian as well as international companies. Having many contracts makes sure that all of the teaching staff can have a full teaching schedule without any lack of work. In addition to this, I am extremely pleased with the company’s culture and overall quality of work environment. Denis’ School has an excellent and supportive administrative staff that cares not only about the clients, but also all of the teachers that work here. The entire staff at Denis’ School is very open, energetic and fun to be around.

Denis' School’s teaching staff are very diverse and comes from all corners of the world. Everyone is friendly and communicative, making overall work atmosphere extremely enjoyable and pleasant to be in. There are no pressures or major headaches when working as a teacher at Denis’ School. In a way I can compare this job to running your own business without the problems that usually come with it. I can pick and choose my own projects, and work a flexible schedule that is convenient for me. Moreover, the ability to control my own schedule allows me to enjoy life and have greater fulfillment that I would not have had with a traditional type of job.

I have several different approaches that I like to use when teaching my classes. First of all, at the beginning of a new course I always build a good rapport with my students and show them that I am a real authority in my field of work. I establish a professional, yet extremely friendly relationship with all of my students. Doing this gives me complete control of the class with a benefit of relaxed and informal atmosphere. By using this method, students always show me great respect while at the same time feeling comfortable enough to converse with me as if I was one of their colleagues. This method is extremely effective and makes our lessons extremely fun and educational learning experiences.

Another simple, yet effective method that I utilize is to get my students interested in the topics that are brought up for discussion. To get them interested I tell them interesting short stories usually from my own personal life experiences. When students find the topic extremely interesting, they are able to learn English much more effectively. Not only do they learn English, they also learn something useful from every discussion and can use this information in the future.

Final method that I use is to tell students the origin of some of the vocabulary words that we learn in class. I tell my students how and where the word originated, and why it is pronounced a certain way. This method works very effectively in helping students remember many words of the new words that we come across during our class time. Additionally, I try to frequently utilize all of the learned vocabulary during our discussions in order to refresh and help students review all of these new words.

My motto is “Be the best you can be at everything that you do”

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